How to Jujitsu the Culture Wars

Source: In These Times
by Hamilton Nolan

“Let’s take it as a given that the right wing’s culture wars are, overwhelmingly, a ruse. Taken together, they amount to a bad-faith attempt by cynical political wolves to lure in the rubes, appealing to lowest-common-denominator fears and ignorance as a way to distract from the substance of what the Republican Party is actually doing. Nowhere is this more nakedly apparent than in the laughable bleatings of Republican power brokers against the ‘elite.’ Donald Trump’s ​
‘blue collar billionaire’ con is now being pushed by less gifted con men against the idea of corporate ​’wokeism’ (a thing that does not, in fact, exist). Yes, this is all shallow and actively harmful political maneuvering, none of which should be taken seriously. So can we get anything good out of it?” [editor’s note: I’ll let you readers add “[sic]” as you see its need here; way too many places possible – SAT] (04/27/22)