US state media decries Declaration of Independence as document with “flaws and deeply ingrained hypocrisies”

Source: Fox News

“National Public Radio (NPR) threw a new twist on its annual reading of the Declaration of Independence last week, decrying it as a document with ‘flaws and deeply ingrained hypocrisies.’ Citing the protests last summer following the death of George Floyd and a ‘national reckoning on race,’ the outlet declared that, this year, the words of the historic document ‘land differently.’ ‘[The Declaration of Independence] famously declares ‘that all men are created equal’ even though women, enslaved people and Indigenous Americans were not held as equal at the time,’ NPR wrote in an article based on its Friday broadcast of ‘Morning Edition.’ It said that the document was edited by the Continental Congress after being written by Thomas Jefferson, taking out references to the African slave trade and Scottish mercenaries in order to appease various members of the Congress.” [editor’s note: Of course, as we libertarians know, the 4th is actually supposed to celebrate violent insurrectionists, and secession from an empire – SAT] (07/05/21)