There Are No Mass Migrations Without U.S. Meddling and Militarism

Source: In These Times
by Azadeh Shahshahani & Rhonda Ramiro

“When Vice President Kamala Harris visited the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas, on June 25, she repeated the claim she made during her trip to Guatemala and Mexico earlier that month: The Biden administration is serious about addressing the root causes of Central American migration. … Perhaps unsurprisingly, Biden appears to be following the footsteps of past administrations by denying the role that decades of U.S. interventionism and militarization have played in destabilizing the region. What’s worse, officials like Harris continue to order migrants to stop coming to the United States — even as the United States exacerbates the very crises that encourage migration in the first place.” [editor’s note: So nice to see this truth (calling BS on the Demogarchs) on a “progressive” site – SAT] (07/02/21)