EU border thugs sent to Lithuania amid Belarus migrant “crisis”

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatar state media]

“A first team of six guards from the European Union’s border agency Frontex began working in Lithuania on Friday, as the Baltic state reported another sharp rise in migrants and refugees arriving from Belarus amid simmering tensions between the bloc and Minsk. The Lithuanian border guard service said over the last 24 hours it [abducted] 150 migrants and refugees — almost twice as many as for the whole of 2020. … The Lithuanian government, which is strongly opposed to Belarus’s longtime President Alexander Lukashenko, has said it suspects his government is allowing migrants and refugees through the border. … Most of Lukashenko’s opponents are now either in jail or have fled the country. Meanwhile, Lukashenko ordered on Friday the full closure of Belarus’[s] border with neighbouring Ukraine, citing security reasons, BelTA state news agency reported.” (07/02/21)