Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Falls Firmly In The Realm Of Fantasy

Source: Cato Institute
by Randall O’Toole

“We can make transportation policy by finding out how people are going to travel and then making that travel as safe, efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. Or we can fantasize how we wish people would travel and design a transportation system that fulfills those wishes. President Biden’s infrastructure plans fall firmly in the realm of fantasy. Although urban transit and Amtrak carried less than 1% of all passenger travel before the pandemic, Biden’s American Jobs Plan would have given them almost half of all transportation dollars. … Biden imagines that giving more money to transit and Amtrak will significantly increase their shares of travel. Yet in the last 50 years taxpayers have given $100 billion (in today’s dollars) to Amtrak and more than $1.5 trillion to urban transit, only to see their shares of travel decline.” (07/02/21)