SCOTUS rejects appeal from florist who thinks it’s his business who he does business with

Source: CNN

“The US Supreme Court on Friday declined to take up an appeal from a Washington state florist who refused to make an arrangement for a same-sex couple out of religious concerns regarding same-sex marriage. The Washington state Supreme Court in June had ruled against the florist, Barronelle Stutzman, who refused in 2013 to make a floral arrangement for long-time client Robert Ingersoll’s same-sex wedding. The court’s move comes after a unanimous court ruled in favor of a Catholic Foster Care agency that declined to work with same-sex couples as potential parents.” [editor’s note: SCOTUS didn’t rule in favor of the Catholic organization on religious freedom or freedom of association grounds; it simply noted that the city ordinance governing such relationships was defective vis a vis discretion in government discrimination – TLK] (07/02/21)