Facebook Gives the Most Dangerous Extremists a Free Pass

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“Facebook, USA Today reports, ‘is asking some U.S. users whether they may have been exposed to extremist content, or if they are worried that someone they know might be becoming an extremist.’ The pop-ups are part of something called The Redirect Initiative, which attempts to ‘combat violent extremism and dangerous organizations by redirecting hate and violence-related search terms towards resources, education, and outreach groups that can help.’ The Redirect Initiative sounds like something that could be a valuable public service if Facebook was serious about fighting extremism. But that’s obviously not the case. Only the least popular and least powerful extremists need worry that they’ll be targeted by Facebook. The company actively coddles and cuddles up to the most powerful, violent, and deadly extremist groups on the planet: Governments.” (07/02/21)