Some Prosecutors Are Daring To Challenge the “Tough on Crime” Status Quo

Source: Reason
by Steven Greenhut

“One need only look back at decades of news reports about the behavior of various California district attorneys and attorneys general to come to a sobering conclusion. Most people will shrug at almost anything from these powerful ‘top cops’ — ranging from coddling misbehaving cops to seeking unjust sentences to wasting outrageous amounts of tax dollars. Now, finally, some people have reached their limits. Conservatives in particular — the folks who warn about big-spending government and officials who abuse our God-given rights — are apoplectic after voters elected a number of ‘progressive prosecutors,’ who have the audacity to implement policies they touted on the campaign trail. … Their basic stated ideas—holding officials accountable, trying alternatives that might achieve better results, making the system more respectful of individual rights, doing more than throwing taxpayer money at the problem — sound almost conservative.” (07/02/21)