Mike Gravel and An Ongoing Road to Courage

Source: Antiwar.com
by Matthew Hoh

“Please watch this short video of Senator Mike Gravel speaking at the 2008 Democratic presidential primary debates. Watch him admonish his fellow candidates for their warmongering. Watch this video, not just to witness Senator Gravel’s moral and intellectual honesty, but watch to see the expressions of disdain and derision in his fellow candidates’ faces, to include the smirking and mocking smiles of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Notice how Joe Biden raises his hand, enthusiastically, to ensure he is included in the count of candidates who are eager to go to war with Iran, even with nuclear weapons. Those are not leaders, they are gangsters running an international racket, and they are men and women beholden to the Empire, to its clawing for power, to its inequality, and to its profiteering. Mike Gravel stood in stark and inspiring contrast.” (07/02/21)