House Republicans Repudiate Their Military Constituents

Source: The American Prospect
by Alexander Sammon

“A few hours before House Republicans voted overwhelmingly to promote Elise Stefanik to the party’s third-ranking post (that of chair of their caucus), that very same caucus, as well as Stefanik herself, voted on a straight party line against the Comprehensive Debt Collection Improvement Act. The bill includes a provision that would protect military service members from predatory debt collection. Republicans voting against a Democratic bill, especially one authored by Maxine Waters, would generally come as no surprise, especially as their opposition was not enough to prevent the bill from passing the House and moving to the Senate. But Stefanik’s vote against fairer debt collection protection for service members hurts her own constituency uniquely. Her district, New York’s 21st, includes Fort Drum, the huge Army base with some 13,000 residents in upstate New York.” (05/25/21)