DC: National Guard set to halt Capitol security theatrics

Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

“National Guard personnel will fully depart the U.S. Capitol grounds this week, military officials and congressional aides said Monday, bringing an end to the security [theater] mission that began when armed troops were dispatched to help quell the attack by supporters of former President Donald Trump. The National Guard was deployed Jan. 6 to help push back a crowd of about 10,000 rioters who had infiltrated the building and clear out the approximately 800 who had broken inside. … Guard members have been a constant fixture at the Capitol since the [riot], numbering almost 26,000 ahead of President Joe Biden’s inauguration. By the start of spring, that number fell to about 5,000 and has continued to dwindle as the threat of further violence has [become a continuously less credible dramatic flourish].” (05/25/21)