Germany: Court finds Syrian colonel guilty of crimes against humanity

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“A German court has sentenced a Syrian colonel to life in prison for crimes against humanity in a historic trial. Anwar Raslan, 58, was linked to the torture of over 4,000 people in Syria’s civil war in a jail known as ‘Hell on Earth.’ The trial in Koblenz is the world’s first criminal case brought over state-led torture in Syria. UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet praised the conviction as a ‘landmark leap forward’ in the pursuit of truth. … Raslan was accused of being a high-ranking security service officer under President Bashar al-Assad as mass anti-government protests were violently crushed in 2011. Many protesters and others suspected of opposing the regime were rounded up and detained in the Al-Khatib facility in Damascus where, prosecutors say, Mr Raslan directed operations.” (01/13/22)