Biden announces 500 million more free [sic] COVID tests to be distributed

Source: Fox News

“President Biden on Thursday directed health officials to purchase an additional 500 million COVID-19 tests to distribute to Americans for free [sic], as the nation battles the surge in cases of the highly-transmissible omicron variant. During remarks on his administration’s strategy to address the COVID-19 pandemic, the president announced the additional 500 million tests — on top of the half a billion tests that his administration already has ‘in the process’ of shipping to homes ‘for free.’ The Biden administration has been grappling with a testing shortage, as cases of the omicron variant continue to increase among both vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans. Last week, the Biden administration finalized a contract with a test manufacturer to begin to provide Americans with the first batch of 500 million free [sic] COVID-19 tests.” (01/13/22)