Biden and Schumer’s shameless filibuster hypocrisy

Source: Fox News Forum
by US Senator Rick Scott (R-FL)

“I’ve only been in Washington for three years, but one thing I’ve noticed is that career politicians seem to coincidentally forget everything they’ve said in the past. It happens in Congress all the time, but the flip-flops we are seeing from Senate Democrats right now on the filibuster is a case study in career politician amnesia. This serious affliction is even affecting former Senators, like Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. It demands the attention of every American as Democrats attempt a hostile federal takeover of American elections. For decades, the legislative filibuster has served as a defining rule of the United States Senate. The filibuster requires a 60-vote threshold to end debate on pending legislation, protects the minority party’s rights, fosters bipartisan cooperation and safeguards the interests of millions of Americans. The filibuster is essential because it guarantees consensus.” (01/13/22)