Photo ID to Vote? Well, OK, But …

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“Anyone who’s ever worked door security at a nightclub (yes, I have) knows that possession of a card with a photo vaguely resembling the person possessing it is no guarantee of identity. And polling places have a built-in advantage over nightclubs: EVERYONE has to be on the guest list to get in. … But it seems to me that there’s room for a compromise here …. Side A of this grand bargain proposal is simple: Give the ‘photo ID to vote’ advocates what they want. You don’t get to vote without showing government-issued photo ID. Side B is a little messier: Since photo ID is so important that it’s impossible to trust the results of an election not requiring it, all past elections not requiring are deemed null, void, and of no effect.” (01/13/22)