By pressuring Penn, Philadelphia City Council threatens faculty speech rights

Source: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
by Adam Steinbaugh & Alex Morey

“Comments by perennially controversial University of Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax — who said in a recent interview that the U.S. is ‘better off with fewer Asians and less Asian immigration’ — have once again drawn widespread criticism. Unfortunately, they have also drawn a troubling call from 16 of the 17 members of Philadelphia’s City Council, on city letterhead, for Penn to ‘begin a comprehensive and transparent review of Professor Wax’s position and role with the university.’ Penn Law’s dean, Theodore W. Ruger, issued an acidic denouncement of Wax’s comments earlier this month, calling them ‘thoroughly anti-intellectual and racist.’ At the same time, Ruger properly defended her right nonetheless to make the comments, citing core principles of academic freedom and free speech.” (01/13/22)