Goldman Sachs: Fed will jack up interest rates ten times before 2025

Source: Yahoo! News

“Brace for a heavy dose of interest rate hikes out of the Federal Reserve, warns strategists at Goldman Sachs. ‘Our economists expect the Fed will begin its hiking cycle at the March meeting and hike a total of four times in 2022. They expect an additional three hikes in 2023 and three hikes in 2024. The market is currently pricing a similar pace of tightening in 2022 but expects fewer total hikes this cycle,’ said Goldman Sachs strategist Ben Snider in a research note on Thursday. Inflation remains a pressing problem not only for the Federal Reserve, but consumers and businesses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ December CPI reading showed prices rose at a 7.0% year-over-year clip at the end of 2021, marking the fastest increase since 1982.” (01/13/22)