We should be outraged by the rules, not the rule-breakers

Source: spiked
by Joanna Williams

“This week’s big news that yet another Downing Street party — sorry, ‘work event’ — took place during lockdown has got people looking back at what they were up to on 20 May 2020. The prime minister’s principal private secretary might have been busy inviting staff to ‘bring your own booze’ to the No10 garden in order to ‘make the most of the lovely weather,’ but the most the rest of us had to look forward to was the prospect of meeting one friend on a park bench or, cherish the memory, the local McDonald’s drive-thru reopening. … Astonishingly, many cling on to the view that Johnson’s biggest crime was attending a party, not forbidding the entire nation from doing the same. The Guardian complains that ‘Downing Street was treating the lockdown rules that Mr Johnson had set with contempt.’ This is perfectly true. But the rules were worthy of contempt.” (01/12/22)