Cody Wilson Thwarts Another Attempt To Stop Ghost Guns

Source: Reason
by Zach Weissmueller

“The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is expected to adopt a new rule in the coming weeks with the potential to undermine the DIY gun industry: It will require that the metal parts that hobbyists used to manufacture their so-called ghost guns be registered as legal firearms. Cody Wilson, the founder of the Austin-based Defense Distributed and a prominent figure in the DIY gun movement, has been planning a countermove that he says will allow his customers to circumvent the new rule: The company has modified its $500 [sic] home milling machine so that users no longer need to load it with the partially fabricated metal parts subject to the new rule. Instead, they’ll be able start from scratch with a solid block of aluminum.” [editor’s note: The price of the machine seems to be $2500, not $500 — $500 is the deposit to reserve one – TLK] (01/12/22)