Futuristic Agorism: Hi-Tech SEKIII, Primitive Survival, or Complete Extinction?

Source: Agorist Nexus
by Graham Smith

“2022 so far hasn’t turned out to be the cyberpunk dystopia or even the zombie apocalypse many claim to have been hoping for in years past, as far as their preferences for ‘end of times’ scenarios go. But have no fear — it’s just the beginning. We’ve seen a slow but somehow mind-numbingly rapid descent into the most boring apocalypse possible: technocratic medical tyranny and a ‘Great Reset’ that many people in the cushy, developed world seem to just be saying ‘meh’ about. But after the chips are put into arms, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are universally used and mandated, and most people are licking the screens of their taste simulation porno of choice in the centralized, draconian Matrix-style metaverse, where do agorists stand?” (01/12/22)