GA: Kemp seeks $1.6 billion in state tax rebates worth $250 or $500

Source: Sacramento Bee

“Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp wants to use $1.6 billion of the state’s $2.2 billion in spare cash to give rebates in April on state income taxes. The Republican told the Georgia Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday that he wants to give a $250 rebate to every single person filing state income taxes, and $500 to every household filing jointly. The money would come from part of the huge budget surplus that the state ran last year. Even after filling Georgia’s rainy day fund to its legal limit, the state had $2.2 billion in cash left over. The rebates are the centerpiece of Kemp’s emerging strategy to put cash in the hands of as many voters as possible, as quickly as possible, as he tries to get reelected this year. Kemp faces a tough GOP primary ahead of a challenging general election campaign against likely Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams.” (01/12/22)