These Lawsuits Argue That Trump Conspired to Incite Capitol Riot

Source: Town Hall
by Jacob Sullum

“After Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial ended in acquittal, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) suggested that the former president could still be held civilly or criminally liable for his role in the Capitol riot that happened a year ago last Thursday. But as three lawsuits that a federal judge considered this week show, those options require proving that Trump deliberately provoked the violence that day, which is a tall order. The Trump supporters who broke into the Capitol, interrupting the congressional tally of the presidential election results, came to Washington, D.C., at his behest. They were motivated by Trump’s fantasy of a stolen election, which he had been promoting for months and reiterated in a fiery pre-riot speech at a rally a mile and a half from the Capitol.” (01/12/22)