Social Cohesion Is Vital, and We’re Losing It

Source: Common Dreams
by Richard Heinberg

“The United States is tumbling toward socio-political crisis. Here are just a few of the distress signals recently visible: [shows list, with some items a stretch of the facts] … We’ve all seen this basic movie plot before — in ‘failed states’ in the modern world, and in declining civilizations throughout history — and it seldom ends well. For a society to succeed, people must cooperate. They must trust government leaders, who in turn must work together, at least partly for the benefit of the society as a whole. In every society, and in every era, there are instances of disagreement and cheating at all levels of the power structure; but, when acrimony and criminality are held in check, and when the populace is motivated by shared aspirations and ideals, societies thrive. When social trust erodes significantly, societies fail.” (01/12/22)