DC’s Stance on Ukraine Is as Divorced From Reality as Its COVID Regime

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Tom Mullen

“The Charge of the Light Brigade occurred during the siege of Sevastopol during the Crimean War (1853-56). Despite the Light Brigade disaster, the port city finally fell to the British and French allies, but not before the Russian Empire sank its entire Black Sea fleet in the harbor to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. That desperate act should provide a warning to Washington. … The Russians are never going to give up that port. They’ve bled for it in the past far more than any American army has ever bled for anything. It is an existential matter for them. … Meanwhile, it makes not one iota of difference to Americans living in the United States if Russia annexed all of Ukraine, much less Crimea. Washington’s interests in the region are purely imperial and contrary to those of most U.S. citizens.” (01/12/22)