Leave Cuba, and Leave Cuba Alone

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“The Pentagon and the CIA have never forgiven the communist regime in Cuba for defeating and humiliating the CIA at the Bay of Pigs, when Fidel Castro’s communist forces killed or captured the CIA-trained invading force of Cuban exiles. They have also never forgiven the Cuban Reds for handing President Kennedy what they considered to be the biggest defeat in U.S. history with his peaceful resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis. That’s why there is still a brutal embargo against the Cuban people …. The ultimate solution to all this despicable anti-American mayhem is twofold: (1) Don’t just close Gitmo. Instead abandon it and leave it to the Cubans. …. (2) Lift the U.S. embargo against Cuba completely. Stop prosecuting Americans who travel to Cuba and spend money there. Stop punishing foreigners for trading with Cuba.” (01/12/22)