The Other Big Lie

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

“For years, Democrats slammed laws requiring voters to show photo identification as ‘racist,’ contending the requirement disproportionately suppressed black voters. But then, when polls demonstrated that voters ‘of color’ are even more supportive of Voter ID laws than are whites, Democrats quickly insisted they had always been for such laws. Now — keep up! — voter ID laws are back to being suppressive. And the very purpose of the Dems’ Freedom to Vote Act is to strike down all such state laws.” [editor’s note: It seems to me that there’s room for a Grand Bargain here. One side gets laws requiring photo ID to vote. The other side gets disqualification/recall of all prior election results (yes, including ratification of the Constitution) since photo ID, which is obviously necessary, wasn’t required to vote. Everybody wins! – TLK] (01/12/22)