UK: Doctor no longer allowed to practice after branding patients’ livers with his initials

Source: CBS News

“A doctor in the U.K. has been removed from the country’s medical register for branding patients’ livers with his initials. The incidents occurred in February and August 2013, when Simon Bramhall used a surgical device to write his initials on transplanted livers at the end of two surgeries. The 1.6-inch initials were discovered by another doctor when an organ transplanted by Bramhall failed after about a week, according to BBC News. In 2017, Bramhall pleaded guilty and was convicted of two counts common assault, according to documents from the U.K.’s Medical Practice Tribunal Service, known as MPTS, which hears complaints against doctors and determines if they are fit to practice. He was fined £10,000 ($13,619.90 U.S. dollars) and sentenced to community service.” (01/12/22)