The fairy tale that is the high-speed rail project

Source: Orange County Register
by Susan Shelley

“In fairy tale lore, the story is told of a troll who lived under a bridge and tried to make a meal ticket out of anyone who wanted to cross it. California has greatly improved on this scam by first making a meal ticket out of the taxpayers who are forced to pay for the construction of the bridge, and then by endlessly spending money on it even though the bridge doesn’t actually go anywhere. For example, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s new budget proposal calls for another $4.2 billion to finish a 119-mile segment of the California high-speed rail project in the Central Valley. Voters approved almost $10 billion in bonds back in 2008 to build a high-speed rail line between San Francisco and Los Angeles and were promised that it would be built without a tax increase and operated without a public subsidy.” (01/11/22)