Australia’s Giant Green Gamble on Solar Energy Toys

Source: Heartland Institute
by Viv Forbes

“Intermittent ‘green’ energy forces coal and gas plants to operate at full capacity to cover peak demands around sunrise and sunset, but to wind back or shut down when solar energy pours into the system around midday. Recently in just one week in South Australia (Australia’s green energy guinea pig), electricity generation went from ‘over 130% renewables to less than 4%, renewables with everything in between.’ Despite South Australia being home to ‘the biggest battery in the world,’ the energy regulator has been forced to lease diesel back-up generators and to order gas-fired plants to stand by in case the wind suddenly drops — this encourages mechanical and financial breakdowns, and high electricity costs.” [editor’s note: All energy is “intermittent,” as anyone who’s ever lived through a power outage can attest – TLK] (01/11/22)