Wishful thinking one year after January 6

Source: Niskanen Center
by David Dagan

“The anniversary of the January 6 attack on the Capitol once again amplified warnings that Republicans’ embrace of Donald Trump’s Big Lie poses a serious threat to our democracy. Still, Wall Street Journal columnist Holman Jenkins, Jr. has reassuring news: Far from representing an authoritarian menace, the GOP’s narrative of rampant electoral fraud is another political circus that will soon pass. In a column mocking the media’s ‘remembrances-cum-worry-porn,’ Jenkins declares that ‘the Trump election big lie is likely to fail and dwindle in relevance’ because of a combination of political self-interest, bureaucratic integrity, and public skepticism. This is like watching a band of arsonists pour gasoline all around your block and counting on them to control the fire when the match is lit. It is also exactly what many of Jenkins’[s] readers want to hear.” (01/11/22)