Kremlin: Not much optimism after Russia-US talks on Ukraine

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

“The Kremlin said Tuesday the security talks with the U.S. amid tensions over Ukraine have given little reason for optimism, adding that Russia would wait for the outcome of other meetings this week before deciding whether it’s worthwhile to continue negotiations. The U.S. envoy to NATO set a tough tone for the next round of talks with Moscow, ruling out any concessions on the alliance’s eastward expansion amid a Russian troops buildup near Ukraine. ‘We will not allow anyone to slam NATO’s open-door policy shut,’ said U.S. Ambassador Julianne Smith. At Monday’s Geneva talks, Moscow insisted on guarantees to halt NATO’s expansion and even roll back the military alliance’s deployments in Eastern Europe, while Washington firmly rejected the demands as a nonstarter. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that while the talks were ‘open, comprehensive and direct,’ he emphasized that it’s the result that matters.” (01/11/22)