A Porcupine Peace Plan: How An Independent New Hampshire Could Increase US Security

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Dave Ridley

“New Hampshire already has a long history of example-setting. But by striving for independence — and a more humane world security protocol — its citizens may be able to do something better. With your help, and the careful placement of a new idea on the geopolitical board, maybe our tiny new nation could even stop a world war. NH independence proponents make a simple case. The FedGov, they say, has bloated beyond the point where normal individuals can meaningfully oppose its atrocities with conventional civics. They point to the successes of Estonian and British independence movements as well as the global trend toward ‘smaller nations.’ In 1900 there were roughly 60 countries in the world. Now there are about 200. Meanwhile, thanks to these and other national divorces, the harm-inflicting capacity of various empires is less than it would be if they were still full-sized.” (01/11/22)