Is Connecticut Copying Andrew Cuomo’s Disastrous Nursing Home Policy? Yes and No.

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Jon Miltimore

“‘Nursing homes are being asked to accept COVID-positive admissions from hospitals, according to a new guidance from the Department of Public Health, even as positivity rates within nursing homes are increasing sharply,’ the Hartford Courant reported Thursday. … If Connecticut’s policy sounds familiar, it should. It bears striking resemblance to former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s policy that forced nursing homes to admit recently discharged COVID-19 patients even if they were still COVID positive. … Cuomo eventually reversed his policy, but it still ended up costing hundreds or even thousands of lives. Cuomo’s attempt to conceal these deaths, along with accusations of sexual misconduct, eventually led to his political downfall. Even with the presence of vaccines, why anyone would want to copy Cuomo’s disastrous policy is anyone’s guess. But there seems to be a small but crucial difference with the policy in Connecticut.” (01/11/22)