CDC Director Almost Admits Failure

Source: Brownstone Institue
by Vinay Prasad

“Yesterday the CDC director Rochelle Walensky tweeted that we must protect people at highest risk of bad outcomes from COVID19. The tweet is a subtle shift from prior messaging, and likely reflects her realization that the pipe-dream of ZeroCovid — eradication of the virus — is dead. Omicron makes it clear, COVID19 will not go away. Even more, holding society hostage to slow spread is no longer a tenable policy choice. We will have to return to living life, and balancing important societal priorities while minimizing the harms of COVID19. Alpha and delta variant thinking won’t help us for Omicron. … The CDC director’s tweet won’t settle all the COVID19 debates, but it is an admission that our current policies have failed and must be abandoned.” (01/11/22)