Hawks Still Don’t Understand the Limits of American Power

Source: Eunomia
by Daniel Larison

“Reading [Walter Russell] Mead columns is like opening a time capsule from the mid-2000s. The references may be more recent, but the mindset of the writer remains mired in the hubris of the Bush era. It used to be that almost every hawkish pundit and analyst viewed the world in this simplistic, ridiculous way, but there are still some, including Mead, that interpret every undesirable or neutral event as a ‘failure’ of American leadership and/or a setback for the cause of democracy. … If an adversary does something we don’t like, it is because they are insufficiently in awe of the president’s resolve. The possibility that some things are beyond America’s reach or that things happen for reasons unrelated to how American power is perceived continues to elude people with this worldview.” (01/11/22)