Covid authoritarianism is not a virtue

Source: spiked
by Fraser Myers

“In Covid terms, Wales is currently the sick man of Britain. When compared with Scotland and England it has the highest rate of Covid cases in the past seven days. So it was more than a little curious to witness Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford emerge from his shed last week — twice — to denounce the UK government for failing to get a grip on Covid. On Friday, at a Covid press conference, Drakeford branded England a ‘global outlier’ for having fewer restrictions than the devolved nations and much of Europe. … For the likes of Drakeford, it seems, Covid restrictions are good, even if they don’t work. The fact that these restrictions have not led to better outcomes in Wales is apparently irrelevant. For him, tighter rules are inherently good, moral and protective – a sign that, as a leader, he is taking Covid seriously, that he cares.” (01/10/22)