Freedom Outlaws in unexpected places

Source: Living Freedom
by Claire Wolfe

“Less than 72 hours before the performance, and less than two weekdays ahead … the venue had changed its rules. Omicron panic, of course, aided and abetted by a ‘progressive’ city government and a similarly pearl-clutching arts elite. No entry without either a vaxx card + picture ID or a recent Covid test. … ‘Let’s talk,’ Rhett Signaled me. ‘There’s nothing to talk about,’ I Signaled back. ‘We cannot comply,’ he emailed the performance organization. ‘Please refund the price of our tickets.’ … Then came an odd turn. ‘Just come. I will get you in,’ wrote a staffer. … the performance itself? Magnificent. Better than I’d imagined. Also greatly enhanced by knowing ours was an Outlaw operation and by being reminded that there are Outlaws among us even in the most respectable places.” (01/10/22)