WA: State legislature kicks off mostly remote session

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

“Lawmakers in Washington state have started a new legislative session amid the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and much of their work will be done remotely as leaders try to limit the possibility of exposure. Since Friday, three Democratic senators (Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig and Sens. John Lovick and Mark Mullet) announced they had tested positive for the coronavirus. Billig said he had no symptoms and Lovick described his symptoms as mild. Mullet (who said he didn’t have any symptoms) tested positive Monday after a test at the Capitol, and said he would work remotely the rest of the week. All three were fully vaccinated and had received a booster. When the session officially convenes at noon Monday, just five lawmakers will be present in the House and 15 in the Senate, and only credentialed press will be allowed in the public galleries overseeing the chamber floors.” (01/10/22)