CPC Demands Biden End Sanctions to Avert Mass Starvation in Afghanistan

Source: Common Dreams

“Progressive U.S. lawmakers and human rights advocates are urging the Biden administration to immediately lift economic sanctions on Afghanistan that are fueling a humanitarian disaster and as famine threatens millions in the war-torn nation. ‘Aid groups have predicted that if current U.S. economic policy toward Afghanistan continues, there could be more civilian deaths this year than there were in 20 years of war,’ the Congressional Progressive Caucus tweeted Sunday. ‘The Biden administration can, and must, act now.’ The Taliban seized control of the country in August following the U.S. military’s withdrawal after two decades of a military occupation that enriched weapons makers but did little to benefit the Afghan people. Following its defeat, the U.S. then imposed new sanctions the Taliban government, while the World Bank and IMF froze crucial assets.” (01/10/22)