Rollups: The Emerging Magic Mushroom Monopoly

Source: The American Prospect
by Luke Goldstein

“In December 2017, one of the godfathers of the contemporary psychedelic renaissance, Bob Jesse, penned a manifesto for the commercial era of hallucinogens, one that echoed as far and wide as when Timothy Leary famously evangelized, ‘Turn on, tune in, drop out,’ in 1966. Jesse delivered a very different kind of message: ‘Open science for all!’ A philanthropist and independent researcher, Jesse was instrumental to reviving a new wave of medical interest into psychedelic-assisted therapy starting in the 1990s. This new form of therapy offers a revolutionary approach to treating the rising cases of depression and anxiety in the U.S. But Jesse began to see this pioneering research pillaged by Big Pharma, as soon as it showed commercial value as a breakthrough treatment for mental illness.” (01/10/22)