How to Vote If You’re Already Dead

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Davis Hunt

“As Biden prepares to make a speech in the ‘belly of the voting rights beast,’ Georgia, where noted romance novelist and half-ass politician Stacey Abrams has still refused to concede her 2018 loss to Brian Kemp in that year’s gubernatorial election, it’s important to know what exactly the accusations of suppression are. After taking a series of losses, the Biden administration is looking for a win. If governing effectively won’t win voters, then surely accusations of future, potential voter fraud will! As such, the administration begins its full-frontal attack on the filibuster in order to pass a one-off voting rights bill (that basically writes COVID-era voting policies into law) to defeat the ‘Jim Crow of the 21st century.’ It’s as dramatic as it is stupid, but let’s look at Georgia where all of this is supposed to be the worst.” (01/10/22)