The Good Group

Source: EconLog
by Bryan Caplan

“As a professor and public speaker, I’ve spoken to a wide range of student groups. On reflection, my very favorite turns out to be: Effective Altruism. Indeed, I’ve had positive experiences with 100% of the EA groups I’ve encountered. What’s so great about the Effective Altruists? They combine high knowledge, high curiosity, and high iconoclasm. When I ask EAs if they’ve heard of signaling, or the Non-Identity Problem, or pollution taxes, most of them say Yes. The ones who say No are eager to get up to speed. And if I defend a view that would shock a normal audience, EAs are more likely to be amused than defensive or hostile. They’re genuinely open to reasoned argument. Though you might expect EAs to be self-righteous, they’re not. EA is a chill movement.” (01/10/22)