Taiwan: Exports to China, Hong Kong hit record high as semiconductor demand fuels cross-strait trade

Source: South China Morning Post [Hong Kong]

“The value of Taiwan’s exports to [the People’s Republic of] China and Hong Kong hit an all-time high of US$188.9 billion in 2021, thanks to the resilient demand for the island’s computer chips, according to the latest data released by the island. Taiwan’s finance ministry said the total was a 24.8 per cent increase from 2020. … Since Tsai Ing-wen of the Democratic Progressive Party became Taiwan’s president in May 2016, cross-strait relations have remained strained. Given the impact of the pandemic on global supply chains, Taiwan has accelerated its investment diversification away from the mainland, while exports to the mainland have increased. China has long [pretended] Taiwan [is] a breakaway province and has vowed to take control of the island, by force if necessary.” (01/10/22)