Suicide by government — state style

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“In California, I understand that a new constitutional amendment (expected to pass) is intended to double State tax revenue. According to National Review (hardly an enemy of big government), income taxes would increase for the highest bracket to a tax rate of 18.05%. There would also be a payroll tax — like Medicare and Unemployment, paid by the employer. Of about 2%. AND a ‘gross receipts’ tax of 2.35% on all revenue received by a company …. National Review’s writer thanks that the biggest beneficiaries of this insane tax increase will not be the Golden State. … Who will win? NR says Nevada and Arizona, followed by all the other States to which impoverished former middle-classes will flee. California lost population in 2021, and they say more will emigrate to other places. Frankly, I disagree. Californians — well, EX-Californians — mostly make VERY bad neighbors, expecially in large numbers.” (01/09/22)