Biden Wants to Fix the Meat Industry; The Feds Broke it Decades Ago

Source: Tenth Amendment Center
by Mike Maharrey

“In the latest example of government claiming it will solve a problem it created to begin with, President Joe Biden has committed to fixing the rising cost of meat. Overall, meat prices have climbed 16 percent over the last year. Beef prices are up 20.9 percent. Biden says the problem is a lack of competition in the meatpacking industry. … how did a few big corporations come to dominate the meatpacking industry? Biden and other supporters of federal intervention into the economy would have you believe it’s just the inevitable march of capitalism. Greedy corporations get bigger and bigger and swallow up the ‘little guy.’ If you believe this narrative, high meat prices stem from corporate greed and the inherent evils of the free market. But it wasn’t ‘capitalism’ or the greedy corporations that caused this consolidation in the meatpacking industry. It was the federal government.” (01/06/22)