France: Parliament approves Macron’s ghettoization scheme

Source: Reuters

“France’s parliament on Thursday approved President Emmanuel Macron’s plans for a vaccine pass to [politically exploit] the spread of the Omicron variant after a tumultuous debate whipped up by Macron’s comments that he wanted to ‘piss off’ the unvaccinated. Macron told Le Parisien newspaper earlier this week that he wanted to make the lives of those refusing the COVID-19 vaccine so complicated by squeezing them out of public places that they would end up getting jabbed. … The legislation will go to the Senate before a final vote in the National Assembly. People in France have for several months had to show either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to enter venues such as cinemas and cafes and use trains. But with Delta and Omicron variant infections surging, the government decided to drop the test option in the new bill.” (01/06/22)