China: Regime whines about its hurt feelz over other regimes refusing to pretend it rules Taiwan

Source: Yahoo! News

“China on Thursday blasted the U.S. for its support of Lithuania, which has gone further than most other nations in its recognition of Taiwan. ‘The U.S. side has defended Lithuania’s erroneous act of creating ‘one China, one Taiwan,’ and attempted to put together a small clique condoning the Taiwan independence forces,’ Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said, The Associated Press reported. The condemnation comes after U.S. diplomats spoke out against China’s treatment of Lithuania after it allowed Taiwan’s diplomatic office to use the name Taiwan and not Chinese Taipei, which is Beijing’s preferred name for the island. China withdrew its ambassador to Lithuania and kicked out the Lithuanian ambassador in Beijing, according to the AP. Lithuania has responded by closing the Chinese Embassy and plans to open an office in Taiwan. China claims sovereignty over Taiwan, though the island has been a self-ruled democracy for decades.” (01/06/22)