January 6 and the GOP’s masterclass in the emptiness of words

Source: The Hill
by Max Burns

“In the hours after rioters violently stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, Republicans – even those closely allied with President Trump – seemed to recognize just how close our nation came to calamity. It was clear even to the faithful that this mob, incited by Trump’s rhetoric and sustained by his silence, had threatened the democratic order itself. … What a difference a year makes. To the GOP’s lasting shame, the party that once rejected moral relativism as the godless liberals’ gateway to societal collapse just spent all last year conducting a masterclass in the emptiness of words. … Despite the concern boiling just beneath the GOP’s swampy surface, it has become almost impossible to find a single Republican lawmaker willing to flatly condemn the attack that sent them fleeing to safety.” (01/06/22)