Canadian intellectuals worry about the US becoming a dictatorship. Maybe they should worry about Canada.

Source: Washington Post
by JJ McCullough

“There is no country on Earth whose intellectuals are more confident they understand the United States than the ones found in Canada. … In the run-up to the anniversary of the Jan. 6 riot in Washington, the Globe and Mail recruited several of Canada’s brightest minds to opine on the state of ‘America in 2022’ and — surprise! — their verdicts were not good. Each essay painted a dire portrait of a country in irreparable decline, coasting toward fascism, with the only uncertainty being how Canada should respond. … So as long as we’re making wild premonitions about the future, allow me to offer my own: Any scenario in which the United States becomes a ‘right-wing dictatorship’ will almost certainly be swiftly followed by Canada becoming some sort of left-wing dictatorship in response.” (01/06/22)