Andrew Cuomo Is Getting Away With His Crimes, But His Legacy Is Toast

Source: Jacobin
by Ross Barkan

“Andrew Cuomo, the disgraced former governor of New York, caught a few big breaks this week. First, the Albany district attorney announced that he could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Cuomo had broken the law when he groped an aide in 2020. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, meanwhile, apparently told Cuomo’s lawyers they had closed its investigation into how Cuomo handled COVID-19 in nursing homes. … If Cuomo can’t pay a legal price for his tenure of abuse, he deserves to continue to suffer in the court of public opinion. Future politicians can take lessons from him — how not to treat staff and underlings, how not to punish a city, how not to govern a state. In that sense, we should hope Andrew Cuomo is never forgotten.” (01/06/22)